A Gem in Serenity Slopes


SPANKwest Systems has teamed up with Bickie Array (Personal Real Estate Corporation) to offer you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to OWN in the last affordable nook in the up and coming Serenity Slopes neighbourhood (formerly known as Edgemont Village… and probably something else before that in some language with a bunch of weird characters in it) in North Vancouver.

Freshly updated to offer all mod cons, this 1950s-era paper shack retains hertitage charm galore. Who needs newspapers anymore? No one. But that’s not to say you can’t bask in the glory days of newsprint in this 102 sq. ft. dream condo! Featuring a 4 sq. ft. galley- style kitchen with 1 sq ft. of marble countertop, this gem also comes with ink-stained canvas sack-lined walls that just ooze memories of sweaty teenagers and abusive shack bosses. A steal at just a shade under 1 million!

Let’s face it. Vancouver is over in terms of affordability…and so is North Van (and pretty much everywhere else) until the wheels finally come off this careening, psychotic greed wagon. So get in now, on the ground floor. It’s your last chance. And at the very least, you can Instagram the daylights out of it and show your friends how cool it is to be part of the “Tiny Homes” movement! It’s not easy being green!