Coming Soon!

At long last we bring you Coming Soon! which tells the story behind those beautiful, mysterious handmade prints you may have seen festooning local construction site hoardings as the city endlessly turns over its built surroundings!

It’s been a pleasure to create this as Diyan Achjadi is one of our favourite artists and we’ve enjoyed watching her work evolve over the years. Diyan previously worked with Vancouver Review in its print days to offer her work in the Centrefold feature.

And that brings us to another topic; Diyan’s beautiful prints from Coming Soon! are not for sale. But she did do a specific work called “Tottery” inspired by the project and available through VR Media’s Hi Def print series.

You can get a beautiful signed print by contacting us via our Art Editions page here on the site. They are printed by Fidelis and are limited to a run of only 20. They are $250 each. You can also e-mail direct:

In the meantime, please enjoy the video!