Lions Gate Bridge – Elizabeth Bachinsky

Lions Gate Bridge (for George McWhirter) is a poem by Elizabeth Bachinsky and is published by Nightwood Editions in the superb collection The Hottest Summer in Recorded History. This is the second poetry adaptation for video by Vancouver Review Media. A long standing Vancouver landmark, the Lions Gate Bridge has, since 1938, inspired photographers, lovers, poets, realtors, musicians, suicides, pundits, politicians, the generous, the venal and more besides. We hope this brief encounter adds to a rich and lengthy narrative.

I’d wanted to do this video in the heat of summer and finally did so this past July. I’d like to think it carries a bit of that summer heat. A friend had a battered vintage tin with an early depiction of the bridge on it and I kept that image in mind for over a year. In fact, for the longest time, that was the only image I had in my mind in relation to the poem. Afterwards I knew it would simply be a matter of a few bike rides to and from the bridge to shoot some fresh material and that things would come together quickly.

Additionally, I’d recently been revisiting the music of Adam Pacione whose Stills to Motion CD on the Infraction label is one of the most compelling sets of atmospheric soundscapes you’ll ever hear. Originally I’d planned to use Available Light from the disc but during editing I somehow hit play on the track Forgetting the Tangible and it fit beautifully. My thanks to Adam for that and I urge you to seek out and buy his music!

Thank you Liz!

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