The new on-line home of VR Centrefold Editions. These original works first appeared as centrefolds in the print edition of Vancouver Review magazine from 2005 to 2011.

All of these works are now available exclusively through Vancouver Review Media. They come in artist-signed archival editions of 20 (printed by Fidelis) at 16″ x 20″ and are available for $250.00 + shipping.

Most are still available. Send us a note for more information.

Love Bugs

Love Bugs – The Sequel

By Bernadette Phan. Drawing on board. From VR #9, Spring, 2006.

Wedman UFOs

Studies in Sepia: Types of Flying Saucer Craft Most Commonly Reported, 1948–Present

The first original VR Centrefold art by Neil Wedman from VR #8, Winter, 2006.


“Vancouver Skyline Re-imagined” by Marian Bantjes.

From VR #28, the final print edition, Fall, 2011.


“iHamatsa Rising” by Sonny Assu.

From VR #22, Summer, 2009.

One of our most popular Centrefold spreads. Not many of these left!

Retro Active Lifestyle

“Retro Active Lifestyle” by Lee Hutzulak

From VR #15, Fall, 2007.

This is wonderfully typical of Lee’s style. It was always a treat to commission him to do illustrations for the VR.


“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” by Val Nelson

From VR #19, Fall 2008.

A painting of Queen Mary Elementary School in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood. It’s timely to reproduce this one in light of the recent
destruction of General Gordon Elementary School in Kitsilano. Seismic upgrading supposedly necessitates the destruction of the older brick structures around town, many of which are schools with rich histories.

Plaza 8

“Plaza 8” by Bruce Emmett

From VR #19, Fall 2008.

A familiar sight for skaters and Bruce is both painter and skater.